The rental process

Can I pay by creditcard? 
Yes, you can pay by credit card or by check out.

Can I receive an invoice and pay upon that?
Yes, if you rent 10 or more bikes for a group. We need an official order from you by e-mail in advance with full details of your company. Otherwise you have to pay when you pick up the bicycles.

What should I do if the rental bicycle has a flat tire?
A flat tire is irritating but cannot be avoided in general. If bad luck strikes your rental bicycle and it gets a punctured tire, you just call the telephone no given on the bike and we will help you or pay for a taxi back to the hotel to pick up another bike.

For rental elsewhere in Copenhagen, we cannot help you.

What can I do if the rental bicycle breaks down?
If you discover a major problem making your riding unpleasant or impossible, same conditions will apply, you will get help.

If I like the rental bicycle, can I then buy it?
The bikes are designed for the hotels and are not for sale, but  you are  most welcome to call +45 5361 8125,  maybe we can help you.


Can I make a reservation? 
Yes, for 10 or more “Standard” bikes you can make a reservation.

Can I make a reservation for a “Family” bicycle?
Sure, but only at The Square and Tivoli Hotel.

How can I make a reservation for a group?
If your group needs 10 or more bikes, you can make a reservation when you 

Details of the bikes

Do your bikes come with a lock?
Yes, all our bikes come with a lock and you get the key for the bike when you rent it.

How many gears do your bicycles have?
Since we have a varied collection of bikes, you will find bikes with between 0 and 8 gears. Most of our standard rental bikes come with 3 gears and the family bikes have 5 gears.

I heard in Denmark you have back pedal brakes. I am not used to this, so may I get a bike with manual brakes?
Most of our bikes are equipped with a back pedal brake and a manual front brake. And we see that most people are comfortable with this after few minutes of riding.

Bicycle safety

Is it safe to ride a bike in Copenhagen?
Yes , due to the fact that thousands of cyclists  make their way through the streets  of Copenhagen every day (latest data indicates 400,000+ in and out of the city every day, everyone is aware of cyclists.

Additionally, there are proper bike lanes throughout most of the city. Naturally, you have to take care of yourself and drive as carefully as you can.

Look how other cyclists act and go with the flow. ALWAYS keep right and be aware of cars with turistplates.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
A helmet is not mandatory in Denmark. If you decide for your own safety to use one, you can bring your own helmet or ask for a helmet at the hotel, it is included in the rental price.

Are your bikes equipped with lights?
Yes. due to the law you need to turn on the lights after sunset. Our bikes have magnetic-induction-lights, it is on all the time.

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