Personal guide are only available at the hotels mentioned in the “Rent a bike here” page.

Experience Copenhagen by bike, together with a local guide who knows Copenhagen inside out.

Max. 6 persons per guide, exampel 12 persons is 2 guides, but only payment for 1.

Unique tours only
Please note we do not have standard tours, only unique tours. 

We use a WAT 
– wireless audio transmitter system for information about the attractions, it is very small and only for one ear.

What to see
Well, it depends upon what you choose, but it will contain famous, big, small, tiny, very Danish places, culture, non culture and a lot of places you normally would not discover on other tours.

We will not bike around for 2 – 3 hours, but will take small breaks where we will park the bikes and go for a walk, it could be to preferential places selected by you or places agreed upon before the tour.    

Sightseeing you normally would not experience on other tours.

Who are the guides
Local Copenhagen people with passion for their city.

Meeting point
The guide will meet you at the hotel.

DKK 250 pr. hour / min. 2 hours.
Its the cheapest tours in town and with a non profit service for the hotels. 
You can pay cash or by your hotel room number.

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